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Shinning Lion

A Music tribe filling up the skies the highest vibration Roots World Shamanic Star Sound “One Love Vibration.
“Shining Lion received a transmission from Bob Marley while in his Mama’s belly at one of Marley’s final concerts in Santa Barbara, CA. Roots Reggae took him deep into the one love vibration, where he internalized the singing and baselines lines that connect us to the human heart beat.

He has deep roots in conscious hip hop, where words, rhymes and powerful ideas, live in one of the...

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The Puppini Sisters

Back in 2004, when Marcella Puppini created a new Sisters group with Kate Mullins and original member Rosanna Schura (later replaced by Stephanie O’Brien), the idea was not to try and copy the charm of a historical songbook: rather to create an individual sound, which would encapsulate the trio’s eclectic influences.

The three met in the same Music College, but their résumés were very different: Kate (the blonde) had sung in the heavy metal band Killed In Action; Marcella (the brunette) had ...

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