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Welcome to the Hot New Music Stars’ Artist Section. This section is dedicated to all your favorite stars heard on Castle Radio. You can find out how how they got started, why they love being musicians and what drives them to keep playing. For each artist you’ll also find pictures and links to their music.

Our Music Shop is not back up and running as of yet but when it does you’ll be able to purchase tracks and cd’s from many of these artists right here at Hot New Music Stars.

We wish to take this opportunity to say a huge thank-you to all the stars who’ve give us their kind permission to air their tracks on Castle Radio and to post their pictures, bios and links here. Without you this site wouldn’t exist and we know that the airwaves would be a much duller place to be. Thank-you from all of us here at Castle Radio and Hot New Music Stars. Keep those track coming.

If you are a musician and would like to find out how to get your tracks played here please go here for more info.

For now, grab a cup of joe and come visit your favorite band or musician. While your reading why not tune into Castle Radio and enjoy hearing from all of our Music Stars and more. Many more being added daily to the radio and site.